Introducing Our Mascot - The Dala Cowboy

[caption id=“attachment_13” align=“alignnone” width=“235” caption=" "]Dala Cowboy - Blacksmith Coffee Roastery[/caption]

Every good company needs a mascot!  McDonalds has Ronald McDonald, Pillsbury has the Doughboy, and Blacksmith Coffee Roastery has the Dala Cowboy!

Combining the Swedish heritage of Lindsborg…..specifically the Dala Horse, with the 1870’s Kansas Frontier of the Old West, the Dala Cowboy will be a great representative of the roastery.

Someday maybe we can have a large version of him gracing the sidewalk on the Wild Dalas tour.  Maybe the horse could be drinking from a large coffee cup trough!  (I wonder what would happen if you gave a horse coffee?)

Things are progressing nicely and I’m getting some excellent feedback from locals and coffee industry people alike.  Stay tuned!


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