And we're off!

It was a great pleasure to formally announce the opening of Blacksmith Coffee Roastery at Jim Prugh’s Open House at the old Toy Store building. His investment and interest in Lindsborg is inspiring and I’m thankful for the opportunity to lease the old Blacksmith shop from him.

The feedback I’ve received so far has been very encouraging and I’m excited to open for business! Thanks to all of you for your kind remarks and warm hearted encouragement! In spite of the tough times we may find ourselves in as a nation, it’s nice to know that on a local level we can still accomplish great things. I’m reminded that historically speaking, our nation has always triumphed over adversity. It’s the difficult times that brings out the best in us as a people – and it starts right here at home!

Hopefully, as a community we can create something truly spectacular to behold out of this adversity. I’m eager to do my part by offering good coffee to the good people of Lindsborg!

Stay tuned for continuing updates on our progress as we move toward an early November opening….

Mark Galloway

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