Blacksmith Coffee Roastery® is very unique, not only among Kansas coffee roasters, but in the entire United States!  


We are a special little, family owned and operated coffee roasting company located in “Little Sweden USA” – Lindsborg, Kansas.
Occupying one of the oldest structures in town – the Holmberg & Johnson Blacksmith Shop®, we are an artisan microroaster, specializing in exotic, ultra-rare, super-premium, single-origin Arabica bean coffees.   

Our unusual roaster sits in front of the original forge upon which wagon wheels, horseshoes and harnesses were crafted for the Swedish homesteaders who settled the Smoky River Valley, Cowboys, Pioneers and maybe even a few Gunslingers. If you step inside you can still see where horses were tied while they received their brand new shoes! Our roasting smoke travels up the same chimney used a century ago! The smoke just smells better now!

Week of 11 - 30 to 12 - 5   - Retail Hours 

Monday - 10 - 1 pm

Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - closed

Thursday - 10 - 1 pm

Friday - 10 - 1 pm

Saturday - 10 - 1 pm


You will also find our hand-forged coffees for sale at discriminating retailers throughout the region. If your favorite grocer or specialty foods store doesn’t offer our premium coffees, please let us both know so that we can change that. And of course, we offer our coffees for sale shipped same-day as roasted with reasonably priced shipping. 

On occasion we offer special invitation-only coffee events for serious coffee enthusiasts who have joined our update list. These events are kind of like a wine-tasting….but with coffee, and music, and art and other cool things our customers like. Like one-of-a-kind roasts that are not available online or in stores. If you’d like to join our email update list you can do so when you click here.

If you'd like to reach us by phone, our shop phone is 620-712-4118.  Our toll-free order line is at 800-576-5280 

“Holmberg and Johnson Blacksmith & Wagonshop” including its image and shield on the parapet of 122 N. Main, Lindsborg, Kansas is a trademark of Cedar Sentinel Rock, LLC. All rights are reserved.